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Photos of orchids found in Panama; some of these also live in neighboring countries in Central America or other regions. Some are native and some have been imported from other countries and thrive in Panama.

Orchids are a widespread and diverse family of flowering plants, Orchidaceae. They present their flowers for 2-3 months.
Arundina Graminifolia OrchidCischweinfia Pusilla Orchidhuntleua burtii orchidLady Slipper Orchid - paphiopedilum villosumMasdevallia Tonduzii orchid – no common name 1-24-18-41 cropMaxillaria Arachitiflora orchid 9-20-20-1.jpgPhragmipedium Longifolium Orchid – 10-6-20-9.jpgThe Arching Brassia - brassia arcuigera 8-26-20-8 crop

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